The Visit Arts Collective

Core Members include:

Chester Hopkins-Bey

Kole Robinson Brooks

Gina Washington

Loletia Wilson

Events from 2018
37858251_655888638107966_7757606785149566976_nWe accomplished amazing things in Slavic Village and will be doing
more soon….
Here’s to all of the Artists that contributed to everything in every way!

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All of the artists of Rooms to Let 2018:

Chester Hopkins Bey, Gina Washington, Loletia Wilson, Kole Robinson Brooks. 
Grace Cotton, Meng-Hsuan Wu, Carmen Romine, Robin Robinson,
Ron Shelton, Charmaine Spencer, Hope Schultz, Heather Baur,Candi Fresca, Deon, Mar Lundy, Genevieve Jencson, Rashiadah Weaver, Ross Bochnek, John Taylor, Hector Castellanos Lara, Jacques Payne, Anthony Washington, Katherine and Vivian Burke, DJ Doc Harill and Fresh Collective, Katie Daley, Etan Byansi and a host of others that stepped up and out on the mic.
Special thanks to Nick and Marilyn and the family that came before us in the house on 6904 Fleet Avenue. 

and The Journey Begins.... 
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